<![CDATA[Need Assignment Help - Blog]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 13:26:10 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Marketing Assignment Help – Expert Help is Your One Stop Solution  ]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 12:29:26 GMThttp://needassignmenthelp.weebly.com/blog/marketing-assignment-help-expert-help-is-your-one-stop-solutionMarketing is a crucial subject and due to extensive career option in this domain, many students are opting for this field. It calls for intelligence, promptness and presence of mind to be a successful marketer. Students who have undertaken classes in this domain always face a problem in bring this up in the assignments given to them.

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Some of the major subjects in which these assignments are presented include:

• Strategic Marketing
• Study of Consumer Behavior
• Segmentation and Positioning Analysis
• Service Marketing
• Market Analysis (PESTE Analysis and SWOT Analysis)
• Concepts of Digital Marketing etc.

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<![CDATA[The Law of International Trade]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 07:49:23 GMThttp://needassignmenthelp.weebly.com/blog/the-law-of-international-tradeInternational trade is a promising subject in today’s global context. With countries moving forward in every arena, cross border trade inflow and outflow has increased by leaps and bounds over the years. The increase in trade is multi fold, one cannot help but notice that international trade is being dealt separately and not under the usual law subject. It has expanded so widely that a separate “International trade law” subject had to be created for in-depth understanding.

Briefly International trade encompasses:
  • Custom rules and regulations
  • Trade agreements between nations
  • Import/export duties & bills
  • Bilateral agreements
  • GATT rules i.e. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  • Subsidies
  • TRIPS (Trade related Aspects of Intellectual property rights)
  • Cross border transactions and many such economic agreements between countries.

International Trade law Vs Complexity

The above brief description clearly implies that the nature of the subject. Any student opting for this law specialization would be surely out of sheer interest. In order to balance the interest quotient with the difficulty level of the subject, students tend to stumble and deviate. Such situations can create a sense of under performance and may also lead to discontinuity of the course altogether. This can be very well handled by means of proper law assignment help or guidance.

How Law Assignment helps
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<![CDATA[The Bond between Taxes and the Supply/Demand Curve]]>Tue, 14 Jul 2015 05:15:34 GMThttp://needassignmenthelp.weebly.com/blog/the-bond-between-taxes-and-the-supplydemand-curvePicture
Topics like supply and demand tend to play an integral role in the lives of economists. Experienced economists believe that subsidies and taxes can influence the overall interaction between demand and supply. There is plenty of study done to prove this bond. Conversely, there are theories to explain the indispensable relationship between the supply/demand curve and taxes. However, it requires lots of experience and practice to understand the basic effect of subsidies and taxes on the supply/demand curve. If you are a budding economist, this article will definitely lend you a hand of help! Here are few points that describe the impact of taxes on the supply and demand curve. 

The Demand Curve

According to economists, the demand curve is based on buying interests. The curve is a graphical demonstration of the consumer’s desire to buy or invest. Generally, this is a hypothetical curve that is based on many economical phenomena and theories. Specific points on the demand curve can be used to identify the price of various goods. In most cases, the demand for products would decrease as price increases. This is because no one wishes to pay a bigger price for goods that can be bought at a much lower price. 

Another enticing concept in the supply/demand curve would be its shifts. In this busy world, changes in regulatory conditions and market are inevitable. As a result, the demand/supply curve witnesses frequent shifts with a change in certain policies, prices and events. Economists deem taxes as a crucial artifact in regulatory conditions and market policies. “Tax” defines the rate at which the demand curve shifts. For instance, if a new tax policy is introduced, the supply/demand curve shifts based on the tax value. The demand curve would shift to the left, if tax decreases consumer demand. 

Taxes, Government, Demand

Moving on, taxes are used to finance the rate at which the government spends on products. If the government decides to spend more, it would increase demand and push the curve to the left. Nevertheless, the influence of government rules and taxation policies on certain products (alcohol, tobacco and medicines) has very little impact on the demand/supply curve. 

Ultimate Bottom Line!

On the whole, consumers must pay more tax if the demand for products decreases remarkably. Whereas, supply would increase if taxes are paid properly and the demand curve remains consistent. 

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